Sunday, August 25, 2013

Coming soon...coming soon...coming soon....

Hey y'all,
I think that you get the point from my post title.  I am about 3/4 of the way through building our "dream house" and it is killing me.  With my dream house comes my dream home gym studio!!!  In other words I am in between studios.  A personal trainer without a gym and fitness toys does NOT work!

Although I am fortunate enough to teach fitness classes at the local Recreation Center and University, I am missing my clients.  This time has been great to make me appreciate my career path though and the great athletes whom I train!  They are so dedicated and hardworking and I can't wait to start up again in an amazing new space! 

I am using this time somewhat wisely by catching up on certifications.  I am taing a USWFA Primary Water Instructor course this weekend.  I can't wait to learn how I can incorporate Water Fitness into my training sessions since I will have a new pool to use with my clients as well.  I am guessing that the pool will be very tempting in the middle of the hot summer here in Central Texas next year.  

Have you ever been away from your job for a length of time?  Did it affect others?

Keep healthy and fit!
Cara Cunningham, MS, NASM CPT, CFNS, and CSFS