Sunday, August 25, 2013

Coming soon...coming soon...coming soon....

Hey y'all,
I think that you get the point from my post title.  I am about 3/4 of the way through building our "dream house" and it is killing me.  With my dream house comes my dream home gym studio!!!  In other words I am in between studios.  A personal trainer without a gym and fitness toys does NOT work!

Although I am fortunate enough to teach fitness classes at the local Recreation Center and University, I am missing my clients.  This time has been great to make me appreciate my career path though and the great athletes whom I train!  They are so dedicated and hardworking and I can't wait to start up again in an amazing new space! 

I am using this time somewhat wisely by catching up on certifications.  I am taing a USWFA Primary Water Instructor course this weekend.  I can't wait to learn how I can incorporate Water Fitness into my training sessions since I will have a new pool to use with my clients as well.  I am guessing that the pool will be very tempting in the middle of the hot summer here in Central Texas next year.  

Have you ever been away from your job for a length of time?  Did it affect others?

Keep healthy and fit!
Cara Cunningham, MS, NASM CPT, CFNS, and CSFS

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Go out and try something new!

Hey, y'all,
I have made it my mission to try all types of fitness at least once.  I will admit there are some types that I like more than others (putting it mildly:)).  So as I enter a two week hiatus from work (both Personal training and fitness is going to be so weird), I am going to try yet another type of fitness which seems to be all the rage right now....INSANITY.

First of all yes, the name is intimidating to me too.  I have met a few people who have tried Insanity, some have finished the 60 days and others not so much.   Everyone says the same thing the first 2 weeks are nearly impossible.  I am probably over-confident in my ability to take on this challenge due to my career path.  I am not taking this challenge on alone, my wonderful husband will be doing it with me.  What are we thinking!!  As a PT and Fitness Instructor, I need to know (and try) everything so I can relay what works and what doesn't work (in my opinion which is a pretty educated opinion).  I also like the ability to match people's likes with certain activities.  For example, I did not enjoy Zumba BUT I have a few clients who love to dance and not other cardio activities so I have suggested Zumba to them.  Zumba is a great workout for the coordination-able people (not coordination-challenged, like me).

OK so back to Insanity!  I love the idea that it uses bodyweight exercises so it travels well.  Just need space, mat, towel, and TV/DVD player....and the will!!  I have all 5 so we will begin the challenge next week so stay tuned to hear.

What was the last new type of fitness you tried?  Have you ever taken on the Insanity challenge?  I would love to hear from you....

Keep healthy and fit!
Cara of CDC Home Workout

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Do What You Love

Hey y'all,
Yesterday I purchased a fun impulse buy...Do What You Love necklace.  I am in absolute love with it. I really wanted something that I could wear when training clients and possibly teach classes (Well, we'll see).  I am truly blessed to do what I love nearly everyday and have made it my career.  LUCKY!!!  Then, it got me thinking.  I hope that my wearing it inspires others to Do What He/She Loves to keep fit too.

I often hear, "I hate exercising."  That is such a sad statement.  Exercise doesn't have to be daunting.  Find what you love to do!  If you don't like to run, DON'T.  If you love to dance, kick it up a notch for an amazing cardio blast with Zumba or Belly Dancing, etc.  If you love to outdoor cycle, try an indoor class or go fin a new long route outside.  Exercise comes in so many different forms now so find your bliss.  If you don't like weight machines, DON'T touch them.  They are so many options.  Pick up a Kettlebell or a Medicine Ball.  Stretch a band.  Ohhh...try the TRX;)!  Ask a trainer for suggestions, they would love to help.  Most of us aren't huge fans of the old weight machines anyways.

Do What You Love and get/keep in shape!!

Keep healthy and fit!
Cara of CDC Home Workout

PS I would love to hear what you do to keep/get fit.  Please leave comments...


Monday, June 10, 2013

RipDeck App

Hey y'all,
I teach a fitness class called Cardio Sculpt at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.  I have been doing so for over a year and love it.  It is comprised of faculty, administrative staff, and students (during the school year) so it is great fun.  I focus primarily on HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training) and really modified Tabata (2 minutes or 3 minutes) to be exact but I love to mix it up as the class progresses.

For the last class of this past Spring Semester I threw together a Deck of Cards workout.  I assigned a certain exercise to each suit.  For example, Burpees were clubs.  I would throw down a card randomly and we would perform the assigned exercise however many times the number or face stated.  Again for example, Jack of clubs would be 11 Burpees.  Very hard but great fun!

I posted the class on my Facebook Work Page (CDC Home Workout) so participants and followers could try it on their own.  To my surprise, a company named Warm Fuzzy Apps, LLC contacted me and offered me an opportunity to add a future highlighted workout on the app.  I LOVE trying new apps so I jumped to it!!!

RipDeck is GREAT!!  It generates the workout for you based on your ability; Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  You can use the bodyweight workout that they have set or you can edit using supplies that you have available (such as weights, kettlebells, etc.)  It also features workouts designed by trainers to mix it up even more.

Here is the recommendation that I sent to Warm Fuzzy Apps, LLC:
"The only thing that I might change is Immediate Level change from jumping jacks to pull ups.  Pull ups are a HUGE jump especially for women.  Also, that exercise assumes the participant has a bar nearby and you should focus on bodyweight exercises for all levels (BURPEES are great for advanced).
Here is an alternative workout (only bodyweight and covers WHOLE BODY):
Clubs: Bodyweight Squats
Diamonds: Push ups
Hearts: Triceps Dips
Spades: Crunches (for beginners) and Full body Crunches (for Inter. and Adv.)**
Joker: 5 Burpees per Joker for Beginner!! 10 Burpees per Joker for Intermediate!! 20 Burpees per Joker for Advanced!!

**Crunch your upper body and lower body together. All the work must be done by the abdominal muscles so do NOT use momentum! Squeeze your abdominal muscles for two seconds with each repetition of the exercise. The SLOWER the more effective!!"

Anyways check out the RipDeck app in the iTunes store and download today for an excellent workout that can go ANYWHERE!!  $1.99 is a TOTAL BARGAIN for this easy to use fitness app (easier than carrying around a deck of cards)!  BTW you can edit the set workout with the above information if you would like to demo my future highlighted workout.

Keep healthy and fit!
Cara of CDC Home Workout

Self images distortion

Hey y'all!
Since this is my first post I will try to be as brutally honest as possible...then you can decide to love me or hate me!  I have definite self image distortion issues.  I know that as an avid fitness buff who lifts weights, Indoor and Outdoor cycles often, and practices Pilates frequently, I shouldn't, but I do.  I look in a mirror and see the flaws, not the strengths.  So sad!  Now don't get me wrong...I know how strong I am.  I love teaching a kickass Indoor Cycle classes where even the fittest are slithering out, but I think that I will always see the "fat girl" in the mirrors.

I am writing this post because the issue is way bigger than me now.  I have a 10 year old daughter who currently loves herself (which I LOVE) and I don't want my distortion to rub off on her so I am working on it.  I want to love myself so she LOVES herself forever.  I want her to focus on being healthy and happy...which means that I must do the same too.  Women are beautiful and strong!!

I think that I will ponder this for a while and get back to y'all.

Keep healthy and fit!
Cara at CDC Home Workout