Monday, June 10, 2013

RipDeck App

Hey y'all,
I teach a fitness class called Cardio Sculpt at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.  I have been doing so for over a year and love it.  It is comprised of faculty, administrative staff, and students (during the school year) so it is great fun.  I focus primarily on HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training) and really modified Tabata (2 minutes or 3 minutes) to be exact but I love to mix it up as the class progresses.

For the last class of this past Spring Semester I threw together a Deck of Cards workout.  I assigned a certain exercise to each suit.  For example, Burpees were clubs.  I would throw down a card randomly and we would perform the assigned exercise however many times the number or face stated.  Again for example, Jack of clubs would be 11 Burpees.  Very hard but great fun!

I posted the class on my Facebook Work Page (CDC Home Workout) so participants and followers could try it on their own.  To my surprise, a company named Warm Fuzzy Apps, LLC contacted me and offered me an opportunity to add a future highlighted workout on the app.  I LOVE trying new apps so I jumped to it!!!

RipDeck is GREAT!!  It generates the workout for you based on your ability; Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  You can use the bodyweight workout that they have set or you can edit using supplies that you have available (such as weights, kettlebells, etc.)  It also features workouts designed by trainers to mix it up even more.

Here is the recommendation that I sent to Warm Fuzzy Apps, LLC:
"The only thing that I might change is Immediate Level change from jumping jacks to pull ups.  Pull ups are a HUGE jump especially for women.  Also, that exercise assumes the participant has a bar nearby and you should focus on bodyweight exercises for all levels (BURPEES are great for advanced).
Here is an alternative workout (only bodyweight and covers WHOLE BODY):
Clubs: Bodyweight Squats
Diamonds: Push ups
Hearts: Triceps Dips
Spades: Crunches (for beginners) and Full body Crunches (for Inter. and Adv.)**
Joker: 5 Burpees per Joker for Beginner!! 10 Burpees per Joker for Intermediate!! 20 Burpees per Joker for Advanced!!

**Crunch your upper body and lower body together. All the work must be done by the abdominal muscles so do NOT use momentum! Squeeze your abdominal muscles for two seconds with each repetition of the exercise. The SLOWER the more effective!!"

Anyways check out the RipDeck app in the iTunes store and download today for an excellent workout that can go ANYWHERE!!  $1.99 is a TOTAL BARGAIN for this easy to use fitness app (easier than carrying around a deck of cards)!  BTW you can edit the set workout with the above information if you would like to demo my future highlighted workout.

Keep healthy and fit!
Cara of CDC Home Workout

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  1. Update: Download RipDeck App this week so you can enjoy my workout as the featured workout next week. WIN WIN!!