Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Go out and try something new!

Hey, y'all,
I have made it my mission to try all types of fitness at least once.  I will admit there are some types that I like more than others (putting it mildly:)).  So as I enter a two week hiatus from work (both Personal training and fitness classes...it is going to be so weird), I am going to try yet another type of fitness which seems to be all the rage right now....INSANITY.

First of all yes, the name is intimidating to me too.  I have met a few people who have tried Insanity, some have finished the 60 days and others not so much.   Everyone says the same thing the first 2 weeks are nearly impossible.  I am probably over-confident in my ability to take on this challenge due to my career path.  I am not taking this challenge on alone, my wonderful husband will be doing it with me.  What are we thinking!!  As a PT and Fitness Instructor, I need to know (and try) everything so I can relay what works and what doesn't work (in my opinion which is a pretty educated opinion).  I also like the ability to match people's likes with certain activities.  For example, I did not enjoy Zumba BUT I have a few clients who love to dance and not other cardio activities so I have suggested Zumba to them.  Zumba is a great workout for the coordination-able people (not coordination-challenged, like me).

OK so back to Insanity!  I love the idea that it uses bodyweight exercises so it travels well.  Just need space, mat, towel, and TV/DVD player....and the will!!  I have all 5 so we will begin the challenge next week so stay tuned to hear.

What was the last new type of fitness you tried?  Have you ever taken on the Insanity challenge?  I would love to hear from you....

Keep healthy and fit!
Cara of CDC Home Workout

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